Continuous strip injection molding

Thus, spacer plates 30 are held in fixed position with respect to the follower plates 60 and 61, and, when these are in their outward position, to be described, the arcuate surfaces of the spacer plates are precisely aligned with the arcuate surfaces of the mold plates The strip segment 14 is formed in a vertically elongated orientation in the mold as shown in FIG. Advantageously spacer plates are arranged alternately with the mold plates, the spacer plates serving to close the mold cavities, and the invention will be described with the groups of mold plates arranged in this manner, the groups of plates being held in position sidewise by the walls of a peripheral groove in a disc member which supports the mold plates so that they form a continuous, cylindrical surface. Material type and wall thickness of the part define the movement speed of the cavity and thus the cycle time. The adjustment is length-wise of the extruder barrel and for this purpose a member 47, which has a horizontal opening through which barrel 46 passes is welded or otherwise permanently secured to barrel A typical molding cycle of the molding apparatus comprises, closing together a pair of molding dies having die cavities cooperating with one another, injecting plastics material in a molten state into the die cavities, forming the plastics material and curing the plastics material to a solid state to form a molded product, opening the dies by separation one from the other, and removing the product from the dies. When the mold product has sufficiently solidified in the die cavities 8 and 10, the control unit is activated to open mold half B away from the fixed mold half A, as shown in FIG. With this object in view a rigid cross bar 45 is mounted crosswise of the extruder barrel 46 in fixed but adjustable position near the head Nozzle insert and hot runner system were provided by Hasco Hasenclever GmbH. In order to urge the extruder head 35 in a direction towards the mold wheel 26 two rods 51 and 51a FIG.
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Injection Molding Is Now A Continuous Process

This pressure profile together with the gating point travels along the components acting as packing pressure. Each of the follower plates 60 and 61 of each pair has a hydraulic cylinder 71 arranged in a rectangular opening 72 therein. The motor 76 is supported by a mounting flange 86 which is in turn secured to the mounting flange Forget about wasting time waiting for molds to open, close and eject parts. It will be understood that objects having various forms other than the hook members particularly illustrated in FIGS. On an opposite side, the end portion 18 is provided with a pair of tapered countersink recesses 22 which open into the channel Such pressure will dissipate upon setting of the plastic material. The mold plates 29 of each of these groups are positioned in a circumferential direction by means of a pin 31 which closely fits the respective apertures 32 in the mold plates FIGS.
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US4309370A - Molding plastic bodies on continuous strip - Google Patents

This is a continuation, of application Ser. As the mold halves A and B close together, the plunger 90 will impinge against the strike plate 92, depressing the plunger and activating the switch 88 which signals the control unit to rotate the drive wheel 62 clockwise as shown in FIG. The adjustment is length-wise of the extruder barrel and for this purpose a member 47, which has a horizontal opening through which barrel 46 passes is welded or otherwise permanently secured to barrel Mold half A is provided with an elongated pilot pin 32 reciprocating in a bore With more particular reference to the drawings there is illustrated in FIG. Nozzle insert and hot runner system were provided by Hasco Hasenclever GmbH. Method and apparatus for automatically attaching top stops to a continuous slide fastener chain.
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Description:The lower most terminal end 18 of the strip segment 14 is formed with an axially elongated, side opening channel The process creates a greater volume of parts for less. The molding cycle and the reeling device are automatically controlled for repeated operation without operator attention. The other enlarged end 42 of the pin seats against a positioning block 44 to limit forward movement of the nose portion 38 into the bore A molten plastic material from the extruder is forced into the mold cavities under pressure and forms the protuberances, and such material also forms a base member or ribbon on the surface of the mold wheel to which the molded protuberances cast in the mold cavities are integrally connected. Benefits of Reel to Reel Molding At one time small components that combine metal and plastic parts would have been assembled individually, an inefficient and time-consuming process. Operator attention will then be required to restart the molding cycle after making adjustments.

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