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Archived from the original on September 26, To have it be enjoyable, partners need to be able to communicate very well, to respond to what their partners are saying about comfort, and to be incredibly patient. Archived from the original PDF on Sperm can survive in the reproductive tract for up to 3 to 5 days, and emerging research has shown that some women may ovulate more than once per cycle, meaning that pregnancy can happen at seemingly unlikely times, even when a woman is on her period. Cervical Barrier Advancement Society. Spermicides are believed to increase the contraceptive effectiveness of condoms. Retrieved April 16, Ask her what feels good, let her know to tell you how things are feeling and not just when they hurt , and to also tell you if she wants something to be faster or slower, with more pressure or less, to the right or the left, more tongue or more lips, and so forth. You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre. Really, I generally tell young users -- or people of any age -- that anal sex is advanced sexual activity.
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Condom slipped off – will spermicide prevent pregnancy?

One other thing that you might want to know is that she had just had her period. In a high-risk population using a vaginal gel with nonoxynol-9 more than three applications per day on average, the risk of HIV acquisition was increased compared with placebo. Although spermicide does appear to boost the effectiveness of diaphragms, research on condoms and spermicide suggests that it does not increase condom effectiveness. If you're concerned that your girlfriend may be at risk for pregnancy, emergency contraception EC may be a good option. We've tried anal, and once I ejaculated inside her anus, is that ok? Lactic acid preparations have also been shown to have some spermicidal effect, and commercial lactic acid-based spermicides are available. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions. Alice, How effective is nonoxynol-9?
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Alice, How effective is nonoxynol-9? I'm 18, and my girl and I have been going out for a year and we have just recently become sexually active so I have a few questions. The information provided through TheBody should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or a disease. Medical estimates during the s placed the pregnancy rate of women using many over-the-counter spermicides at seventy percent per year. The condom we used had nonoxynol-9 on it, and I had already climaxed. Is it okay to use spermicidal lubrication,or a spermicidal condom, because I did research and it may harm my girlfriend. For now, unless SHE is asking to explore some anal play -- and again, you'd start small and gentle, not with a penis -- sounds to me like this is something you should put on the shelf. We've tried anal, and once I ejaculated inside her anus, is that ok?
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Description:Spermcimide nonoxynol-9 is the variety most commonly available in the U. Check with your local public hospitals, it is possible EC is available for free, 24 hours a day at any public hospital. Your girlfriend might also consider taking a pregnancy test; either by buying one at a pharmacy or making an appointment with her health care provider. Matters of the Mind. Over-the-counter vaginal contraceptive and spermicide drug products containing nonoxynol 9; required labeling". But really, in your case, what I'm hearing in this post is that this just isn't something your girlfriend likes. Overall, 61 percent, or , of the men interviewed had heard of the spermicide.

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