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Got it from Empornium, so it's nasty, no doubt, leave you wretchin' like Tub Girl opened her mouth. Hentai OGM's on my hard drive, nut out my balls like honey out the beehive. Oh, he's just a friend. Forget about that, let's go into the story. Come to the Empornium. Stinks down here like you need to do the dishes, and this tom-cat ain't all that into fishes. Their website and thus their downloads are down and one of the last communications from one of the crew states that 3 of them are now "working for Bungie", though you can still find a torrent of the mp3s on The Pirate Bay or else, if you're too retarted to use torrents you can download the zip or individual tracks on FuturisticSexRobotz. You asked if I had a log for your fireplace.
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Futuristic Sex Robotz

I dedicate this performance to the lovin' memory of Microsoft QBasic. Let me tell ya a story of my situation. Remember back when 10 fuckin' levels was hard? Nerd MCs with the illist style, Martian dick, bitches call green mile. I find myself intrigued by your sub-vocal oscillations, a singular development of cat communication, that obviates your basic hedonistic predilections, for a rhythmic stroking of your fur to demonstrate affection. Shit smelled like old sushi and bakers yeast, gotta wash that shit if you want me to feast. I thank everyone for their thoughts and emails. All day bitches bug me at my house, bust in your ass then you clean it your mouth. Yo, I got a shout-out for Zorba, and Wevah, and Weev. Back in the day, System 7.
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I've had it with these motherfuckin' snakes and stuff! Oh Spot, the levels of behavior you display, connote a fairly well developed cognitive array, and though you are not sentient and do not comprehend, I nonetheless consider you a true, valued friend. So I came to her room, and opened her door. Now I'm headin' on over, to Riverside Drive, Gotta meet the doc, Emmett Brown, And find out what's really goin' on in this town, You couldn't believe me, if you're so inclined, Doc opens the door and tries to read my mind, I said "I'm from the future, I know it sounds demented. Don't trick me around, or I be fightin', How's it gonna look, my homework in your handwritin'? The other day, RIAA, they tried to kiss me man. Like Agnes, Agatha, Germaine, and Jacq. I went to the bathroom to make a stink, when this motherfuckin' snake came up through the sink.
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Description:We're engineers at the level of Geordi LaForge. Started out my life killing them boars, Now I spend my days rapin' Night Elf whores , Catch you in the valley, and get me some head, I swear that we're fightin' an army of speds, Don't even get me started on you fuckin' gold farmers, You gotta make a living, but I need that armor, One day I met this dude yellin' "Yar motherfucker," Tankin' up mobs like a angry drunk trucker, Introduced me to the ill Druid squad, yo, Never run with em, but I'll give a priest a nod, ho, You can melt faces but I'm smashin' 'em in, Windfury on my tuf so you fear Recycle Bin, Watch out, comin' soon to an ass near you, A non-stop beating that's long overdue. Man, this droid's pimpin' is amazing, displays a bitch slap, simply hair raisin'. One day this fool said he wasn't a man, so Data went to court and he took the stand. He's the futuristic sex android , too cool for school or bad hemorrhoids. We attempted to contact the website's creator, bradfitz , but we were stymied by his press secretary. Is this my mom?

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